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Introducing Our Show Judge: Michael Major, UK

My name is Michael Major and it is a great honour to be asked to judge your show. I first started keeping birds over 50 years ago and although I initially started with Yorkshire (I still have a few pairs) I swapped to the Fife Fancy many years ago. I nowadays show in partnership with my brother Patrick. Between us we have held numerous offices in Fife clubs and I was a founder member of the Southern England Fife Fancy Canary Club. I have been judging at shows for over 40 years and have been invited to place the awards at various shows all over Europe including, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Holland. Denmark, Malta as well as the Canadian National. I have also judged the English National 6 times as well many specialist shows in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

Obviously over the years I have seen many changes within the fancy especially the Fifes and I feel I have kept up to date with those changes and can still pick a good Fife. But of course your members will be the judge of that. Some I’m sure will be happy others not so, but if anyone would like talk to me after adjudication I will be only too willing to give my opinions.


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