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IFFCA Club Shows

(Including other shows

at which our members exhibit)

Results and Photos
for past and current
shows below.

IFFCA Club Shows

IFFCA presents an annual open Fife Fancy show. 

Members and non-members are encouraged to exhibit or attend simply to learn, view top quality Fife, and forge friendships with fellow Fife breeders and fans.  IFFCA members also exhibit at many other USA and Canadian shows.

Information on past, present and future shows will be added for your enjoyment.  Members are encouraged to submit photos for this section, and the public is invited to browse our past show information and watch for details of upcoming shows.


  • 2023 IFFCA National Show

  • List of Top Ten in Division Six at NBS:

    • 2019

    • (2020 No Show)

    • 2021

    • 2022

    • 2023 ( will be added as soon as possible)

  • List of Top Ten in Fife Division at American National Bird Show:

    • 2022

  • List of NCBS Division Six Winners 1995 - 2022

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