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Fife Show Cage Setup
Gibson Fife Show Cage

11 inches long (at base)
10 1/8 inches tall

4 7/8 inches wide


Basics of Exhibiting Fife Fancy Canaries In The USA:

Left is a Fife show cage properly set up.

  • The position of the mini drinker is on the back side, placed to the left of center, five spaces from the corner of the cage.

  • There should be five bars between the perches. The angled cut of the perches should face up. 

  • The show tag is tied to the first bar from the front left corner.

  • The show cage should have standard canary mix of rape and canary seed on the floor of the cage, to a depth of one half inch.

  • Cages are meant to be anonymous so all attempts at individualization are banned.

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