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Basics of Exhibiting Fife Fancy Canaries in the USA below.

Photos and Results posted to the Club Shows page.



Fife Show Cage Setup
Gibson Fife Show Cage

11 inches long (at base)
10 1/8 inches tall

4 7/8 inches wide

Basics of Exhibiting Fife Fancy Canaries In The USA:

Left is a Fife show cage properly set up.

  • The position of the mini drinker is on the back side, placed to the left of center, five spaces from the corner of the cage.

  • There should be five bars between the perches. The angled cut of the perches should face up. 

  • The show tag is tied to the first bar from the front left corner.

  • The show cage should have standard canary mix of rape and canary seed on the floor of the cage, to a depth of one half inch.

  • Cages are meant to be anonymous so all attempts at individualization are banned.

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