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Fife Fables

Fife Fables

Just a note there is a Facebook group called IFFCA Membership Group that was started by Brian Byrne and Jason Gutierrez. Please note that this group has nothing to do with our Club IFFCA and we are disappointed that they are pretending to be a part of us.

The information that they are posting is defamatory and misleading. It serves only to cause problems and does nothing to advance our hobby.

For the record, IFFCA was told prior to the meeting we had last week, by Brian that he and Jim Pickel had decided to have Rudy as the judge for the National, and there was no point in IFFCA discussing it. We did insist on a meeting of the three clubs and offered Matt Eld as our choice of judge. They said no.

We asked if we could then select a judge next year for the National and this has not been agreed to.

These two new clubs have suddenly usurped The Fife Club at the National but would like IFFCA to fund their decisions. We do not think that is in the best interest of the Fife Fancy. We have been the sole supporter of the Fife Fancy and the National for the last 40 years.

We will continue to support the Fife Fancy and the National in our way and refuse to be bullied by these new clubs into paying for their decisions, which we do not believe will help the hobby.

Please stay positive and feel free to communicate with us. We are are trying to not be a part of the noise, but instead a source of information about the Fife Fancy.


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