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April IFFCA Newsletter is PUBLIC!

Our club newsletters are a benefit of membership, and are available only to members. However, the April IFFCA Newsletter is available to the public, so take a few minutes to see what the club is doing!


       It all started with a canary in the kitchen and the day I bought a Fife.

Unlike my paranoid Red Factor or my flighty American Singer, this bird knew me. He recognized my voice; he tried to get my attention when I came into the room. He sang to music and the vacuum cleaner; he answered my whistles. He was fearless; he would look me right in the eye, hop down and sing into my face. When I brought him a new vegetable treat, he checked it out right away. Not only did he eat it but he managed to turn it into all day entertainment for himself, entertaining me in the process.

He was so much more than “a bird in a cage with a song”. I thought I had found a remarkable canary but what I discovered is I had picked a remarkable breed of canary.

”Every Fife is remarkable.”

My Fife numbers grew. I joined IFFCA to buy breed-specific bands for them.

IFFCA has helped me find more Fife and meet more Fife Lovers. We share stories; we go to shows. We encourage each other and we keep learning.

”Every Fife is remarkable.”

What began as a pet has become a passion!

My hope is that anyone looking for a canary will find a Fife, and anyone wanting to know more about Fife will join IFFCA.

Because “Every Fife is remarkable.”

-- Susan Bergel

IFFCA’s Treasurer and Membership/Bands Officer


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